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Unlock the possibility
of self–care at the centre of your business

Join us for the

Holistic Self–Love Challenge:
January 21st –– January 28th, 2023

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From a young age, we're taught to extend love outwards.

But focusing on ourselves and prioritising our needs is hard.

This challenge will help you prioritise yourself and maintain lasting wellness habits to live with clarity, peace and fulfilment. 

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  • The compensation you desire does not match the level of your commitment to your coaching business

  • You wish to spend more time developing your programs, spending quality time with your family and on your own personal growth instead of stressing to make ends meet

  • Your business has already been established or you are in the process of creating one with the intention of providing a high quality product or service for your clients.

The purpose of this Mastermind is to foster an environment of inspiration and growth for every language coach and their clients. 

Are You Getting The Results You Desire?


This Is Worth Your Time

Ask Yourself...

What standards are you setting for your language coaching business? 
Did you set these benchmarks yourself or did you fall under industry norms? 

Through this Mastermind, you will be able to elevate your vision and offer the highest version of yourself and your business.


Here is what you’ll get for just $39

Receive exclusive content to help implement self care in your business.

Learn methods for prioritising self care.

Receive insights on maintaining longevity in your coaching business.

Receive training materials that will help you to set healthy boundaries.

Connect with others in our community with similar goals.

Expand your network and learn how to build trust with your brand.
Receive live mentoring.

Receive follow up support after the live event.

7 Days Live with Lina V. 


Coaches are primarily responsible for wellbeing, not only in their business approach, but also in their holistic approach to life.

One of the biggest components of this mastermind is understanding the problems we face as coaches, the environment, the obstacles, and defining your why. Having a deeper understanding of these concepts will help the language coaching community elevate its practices to a premium status that will benefit the coaches as well as their clients.

A Language Coach's first step is to be aware of these factors. As part of this mastermind, you will also gain an understanding of the essential requirements for wellbeing in both your personal and professional life.

Furthermore, the Language Coach Business Mastermind clarifies the difference between your intent as a coach and your clients' intent. You will learn the key dynamics of flow and creativity in order to apply this concept.

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What's Included?

Language Coach Business Playbook.png

Language Coach
Business Playbook LCBP 1

The Language Coach Business Playbook (LCBP-1) contains actionable items that can be implemented into your personal life and professional language business model in order to maximise output. Consider the instructions you get when you assemble furniture. Instructions are provided by the manufacturer so that you can assemble the parts in the correct order. If the steps are followed in order, the furniture looks like what was purchased, with all parts fitting and working together correctly.

This is basically how our playbook works. In this document, Lina shares all of the lessons she has learned over the past 7 years working in the language industry; having supported over 250 clients on their journeys. The program includes more than 1000 hours of training, which is designed to deliver the greatest value to the language community.

Why did she create it?

"This document was designed a few years ago because, at the beginning of my professional career, what I needed to succeed did not exist. The playbook has also been co-authored by my partner Peter M. Lucas, a veteran of the Marine Corps with 20 years of experience in military planning, strategy, and coaching. The goal of this playbook is to help the entire language community grow to its full potential. I will deliver modules from our workbooks during these Mastermind calls. Using these excerpts, you can create simple actionable items to grow your business and enhance your wellbeing."

Here are some additional benefits that will emerge from being a part of this community:

Help bring your ideas to life
Improve existing concepts to create holistic experiences
Have a safe space to share
An environment where mistakes are encouraged
Be supported in your growth

Mentoring and Inspiration

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Are You Ready To Commit
To The Journey?

Next Mastermind:
Saturday, November 26th Language Educator Wellbeing and Business Mastermind
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