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Holistic Teacher Training

Are you a language educator ready to attract the clients you desire, learn how to incorporate mind, body and soul practices into your work and build a teaching business that embodies the fullest, most authentic version of who you are?

The greatest lesson I have learned that ultimately transformed the way I coached and presented myself in the language space since starting my coaching business was this: 

you don't get what you want - you get what you are.

As I was building my brand, there was no one else that I knew or could see, looking at language education from a holistic lens and speaking to the human spirit of their students, rather than focusing purely on ticking curriculum boxes and taking tests. And I knew that I was onto something big. 

Your business is your baby, right? It's what you put your entire heart and soul into so why wouldn't you want to have the ability to be and teach as your full self and be valued and paid for the transformation and extensive experience that you bring, not just for the hours you work? 

LVL holistic teacher training is an experience like no other.

Our teacher tribe is all about coming from a heart-centred space and is for you if you are interested in enhancing the lives of others and for yourself overall. Living a life of abundance and alignment instead of burnout where you are able to be in charge of your own schedule, have the freedom to work with the clients you choose to work with that are on your wavelength.


  • An in-depth self-enhancement experience

  • Manifesting your limitless potential in yourself & your coaching business

  • Learn holistic teaching strategies to take your ideal clients to success

  • Learn to structure your lessons using proven neuroscience and wellbeing techniques

  • Personal Branding Training + a FULL social media brand audit

  • Social Media Marketing Training

  • Organisational tools

  • Material Creation

  • Do's and don'ts of selling yourself

  • Dealing with rejection, self-doubt and imposter-syndrome 

  • Gain a tool box to handle the mental and emotional changes and challenges that come with online teaching and managing your own business

  • 24/7 support from an online community that uplifts each other in a container of authenticity, vulnerability and trust.

    ....and so much more!


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