Are you improving yourself or losing yourself?

I pose this question because it is relevant now more than ever, particularly as our attention continuously gets drawn into more and more directions and our inner wisdom silenced by the *pings* of social media notifications.

I pose this question, because for a long time, when I thought I was improving myself, I was actually losing myself. The deeper story is in Episode #3 of my Perspective, Permission, Purpose series on Instagram (IGTV), so go and check that out. It’s worth it, trust me.

I know the distinction of the two, because that was the place I operated from; wearing the titles of a business woman, manager and entrepreneur so tightly on my skin that it silenced and destroyed the true essence of who I was within.

Consistently attending events, seminars, accolades….downloading more information, reading more, learning more, ticking off more boxes…why is more equated with the prospect of being enough in this society?

I thought it was because my clothes were not good enough. I was told I needed another separate wardrobe for filming because “people look up to you”.

That my nails needed to be perfect, my hair, my make-up….then it was my accent. Too this, too that. Simplify your speech. Then make it more educated. Speak more Portuguese, no, more German, no, more Spanish….

“Oh? You sing? And write poetry?”

You’re too pretty to be an entrepreneur.

So I hired more coaches. Started a new degree. And an NLP course.

Because somehow I felt that I was always one step behind.

Nothing felt like it was enough.

And how could it be?

Because I had disabled the one true source of wisdom and guidance,

It was the ethereal being

That is me.

Can you relate to this?

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