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Multilingualism Makes You a Better Entrepreneur: Here's How

If you ever needed a reason to lock in that foreign language lesson — this is it! You've probably heard of the multiple benefits of learning a new language (or improving one that's gotten a little rusty), improved memory, better listening skills, more access to information,..

But did you know that being multilingual makes you a better entrepreneur and has shown to have huge advantages in business? And it's not in the way you might think.

As a polyglot, global educator and holistic learning coach, I have seen first hand from my clients and within my own career the incredible advantages being multilingual brings you.

  1. If you solely speak and use English in your life, you are currently only able to connect to around 17% of the world. A good entrepreneur is only as good as their ability to connect to others. Therefore, the more languages you are able to communicate in, the more access you gain to a greater scope of prospective clients & investors.

  2. Multilinguals deal better with linguistic & communication conflicts, which can be 'make or break' in the business world. 64% of executives admit to misunderstandings having halted business deals and even lead to losses of up to $62 million per year due to poor communication. As a multilingual, you pick up more on communicative nuances, such as a disconnect in ones behaviour to their wording or subtle shifts in tonality or body language.

  3. Polyglots are known to be better multitaskers and are better at managing multiple projects, clients & challenges at once. It's not about doing multiple things at once, but rather, managing and shifting between several responsibilities in your every day life; every entrepreneur knows what I'm talking about right here. Multilingual brains have been shown to be more capable of improved attention, awareness and better verbal & spacial abilities.

  4. Multilinguals are better decision-makers. Studies have shown that multilinguals tend to be more resistant to conditioning and framing techniques used in sales, making them less likely to be swayed by language in advertisements or political campaign speeches. Therefore, having an increased awareness and ability for critical thinking.

  5. On average, they have increased resilience and confidence. It is no secret that expressing yourself in another language (or four) requires patience, determination and comes with facing a lot of hits to the ego. These are vital skills in entrepreneurship, which allow for quicker growth and progress as they tend to be more willing to lean into areas that challenge them and lead to growth.

What are your thoughts? Are you bilingual or multilingual? How have your languages abilities impacted you in business and working relationships?

Share your story in the comment section below!

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