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My Natural Childbirth Story: Volume 1

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I made a deep commitment to myself…

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With an unequivocal fierceness, I was going to trust myself and my intuition FULLY – with every single decision I faced. This is something that has always been quite challenging for me to do.

I knew that the woman who would birth my child and the woman I was in the present moment would not be the same person.

How could she be?

How can this person who stood before me in the mirror remain unshaken after the process of childbirth?

Going from a maiden to a mother, almost every day, challenges to my boundaries presented themselves. Each sphere of my life began to drip out that stale, non-serving energy; begging for a deep rejuvenation.

A birth was coming; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The path of my growth was not ending. I had been blessed with new challenges that would mould me into a higher state of consciousness.

Have you ever found it difficult to trust your inner voice? Especially when you know that standing up for yourself will displease the other person or cause a conflict?


I can’t count the amount of times in my pregnancy I heard the following:

  • Aren’t you scared of the birth?

  • Are you nervous?

  • Wait, you’re moving to Mexico mid-way through pregnancy?

  • Better sleep as much as you can now, because when the baby comes….

These were just a few.

What would have happened to my state if I had let these questions consume me?

If I, even for a second, tapped into the energy of nervousness or fear?

How would that benefit me?

That is why it is so vital to find a way to protect yourself from the limitations of others. They have no meaning until you allow them to.

“You can’t get advice from someone else about how to live your life.”

Even before I got pregnant, through my spiritual journey, I began creating a sacred place internally that was protected from the influence of others. I had begun my quest with the map of Sadhana (ego-transcending spiritual practice).

I was not afraid at any point of the process of giving birth and going into labour and avoided reading any stories or material that would send my mind in another direction. This was key to overcoming the limitations of external influences.

I had created a barrier between what I chose to be and what I was told I should be.

The freedom I experienced from this cannot be measured!

I knew with dead-set certainty that I was going to have a beautiful, unmedicated birth; relying solely on my breath and body; that they would know what to do when the time came. I had found a path to tranquility through the breath and trust in my body. The result is I now have power over my faculties, peace in my mind, connection with my body, and peace within. None of these things were given to me by anyone. Therefore no one can ever take this from me.

I worked out every single day and didn’t let fears like “what if I hurt the baby” or “something could go wrong” get in my way. I became the champion of my decisions and let my heart lead me to salvation.

pregnant woman fitness

I committed to my spiritual & yogic practice every single day both by myself and with my partner to send a positive frequency to the baby. And, as each week passed, even my doctor was astounded at the level of my health and physical fitness with no usual symptoms like swelling, cramping, fatigue etc.

The people at my gym were astounded at a 39-week pregnant woman coming in every few days, working out on the elliptical next to them and even my clients still couldn’t fully believe I was that far along in my pregnancy as I worked until the day I gave birth.

(Of course it wasn't all easy-breezy; the aches and pains of a growing baby and those beautiful kicks added some spice right as I was going to sleep every night 😉).

But, because of my commitment to protecting my thoughts and emotions from outside influence as well as taking care of my health and fitness, I had the most beautiful pregnancy and birth imaginable. After 19 hours of labour, I gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy and strong baby. All without any anaesthesia or medication and absolutely no scarring or tearing whatsoever. The next day I was already home, back to my yoga practice, going for a walk with my hubby and baby.

And this is how the story begins. This is not the end, it’s only the beginning. This birth gives true meaning to the word commencement.

My life is now a trajectory that goes beyond any boundaries set by others.

Lina Vasquez is a Holistic Learning Coach, YouTuber and Co-Founder of A Life OnPurpose & LVL Holistic Learning. Her work seeks to revolutionise the education sector by fostering deep, holistic, human connection on a global level; doing so in 7 languages.

If you are a new or expecting mother and would like to find out more about these holistic practices and how to incorporate them into your life, connect with Lina HERE.

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